Richard I Davidson
VP of Marketing

Richard Davidson serves as Vice President, responsible for marketing the services of HRT. In addition, he is an LCAM, and serves existing clients as needed.

For the past twenty years he has served the Associations in which he has resided. From 1993 through 2003 he served as the chairman of the 106 home condominium trust in Sharon, Massachusetts, and of the umbrella association which governed the common property of the 154 home community. Since 2002 he has served in a wide range of capacities in a 705 home HOA in Florida, as both the Chairman/President of Associations in Massachusetts and Florida, and Treasurer of an Association in Florida. In addition to service as an officer, he has been involved with such diverse activities as:

  • Extensive experience with the Finance, Paint, Legal, Cable and Website committees, as well as serving as the Board Violation Compliance Director
  • Selection of vendors, including solicitation of services for property management, building repair and maintenance, security, general repair and maintenance, landscape services, clubhouse (pool and tennis court) operation, insurance
  • Creation of annual operating budgets
  • Evaluation of reserve studies and the creation of funding and investment strategies for reserve funds
  • Operation of the association owned sewage treatment plant, one of the few such non-publically owned plants
  • Litigation - successfully suing the developer following transition for construction failures related to common property
Mr. Davidson's professional career began in 1960 with IBM as a System Engineer. He left IBM to join one of the earliest software development firms, Informatics, developing bank-oriented accounting system. In 1977 he joined State Street Bank and Trust, and for the following 17 years managed its growing pension and 401.k business. He took early retirement and with two State Street associates formed a consulting firm which listed among its clients such diverse entities as Walgreens, Kaiser Permanente, Calpers, Pacific Gas and Electric, Key Bank, Mellon Bank BB&T, and the mutual fund departments of Fidelity, Vanguard, and Dreyfus.

1200 Clint Moore Road, Suite 8 • Boca Raton, FL 33487
Telephone 561.998.3011 
 Facsimile 561.998.2844

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